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Infinite Insight is a full-service market research agency established in 2010. From our hub in Nairobi, we offer qualitative and quantitative research services across Sub-Saharan Africa. To date, we have carried out projects in 29 African markets in East, West, and Southern Africa.

We have put together a team of young, dynamic professionals, who are committed to delivering high quality results.

Capacity building is an ongoing process, to which we are thoroughly committed. In addition to project-specific briefings, we regularly organise training sessions on specific topics, both in qualitative and quantitative techniques and methodologies.

We adhere to the ICC/ESOMAR Code of Practice, the MSRA Code of Ethics, and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which is being embraced by an increasing number of African countries.

We are starting our Online Community. If you are living in any African country, and wish to participate in polls, surveys, or online groups, please sign up.