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Our Data Collection department is led by experienced field managers.

Across our core markets (East and Southern Africa as well as Nigeria), we maintain a field force of about 1,500 trained interviewers, team leaders and experienced supervisors.

In other markets, we enlist the services of field suppliers, all of whom we have worked with on many occasions over the years.


While the bulk of fieldwork across Africa still requires face-to-face interviewing, in markets with functioning 3G networks, we have adopted CAPI interviewing, using smart phones, tablets and laptop computers.

This has drastically reduced project turnaround times and facilitated quality control in field. Advance data sets can now be provided on a daily basis.  

Manual Data Capture

Our DP department maintains 10 networked data entry stations.

QPSMR, EpiData and SPSS are used for data entry, data integrity checks, tabulation and data analysis.